Dog Training from the Heart

the only heart-based dog training method in the world
Let the Magic begin...

Work with me



Lets connect online and see if we can shift some of the energies surrounding you dogs behaviours, or wellbeing issues.
Consultations can be over Skype, Zoom or even Messenger.
Nutrition, Behaviour, Wellbeing or all of those!


Attend a transformational Retreat holiday with your dog.
A unique opportunity to connect, discover, learn and heal with your best friend at your side.
New solutions for behaviour and wellbeing as well as your own success and happiness.

Online Group

Become a Mempaw of our group. Connect with like minded dog owners and gain knowledge from myself and a whole host of other therapists, speakers and authors.
A simple way to connect with the behaviour and training work we do.

It Changed My Dog…

Neighbours have commented on how Charlie seems more relaxed after his Retreat holiday and how he is more willing to say hello to people.
Before he would growl or snap at some people, but now he’s more confident and relaxed he knows he can simply walk away.
– Namaste, Annabel

From the Blog

Solving paw chewing, redness or inflammation

Reasons your dog will chew, lick or nibble at their paws can very often be diet and food based, but not always. There are many things you can put onto the paws to help any soreness. One of the best is Colloidal Silver. Tip! Avoid Hibiscrub as this kills the beneficial...

Is buying organic food for my dog worth the extra money?

Being imperfectly natural we cannot always afford to buy the best, yet we want to do the best for our dogs.  So how can we navigate the tricky route of feeding your dog the best foods? Meat Organic meat could be a much healthier option for your dog, even if it means...

Before neutering your dog you MUST read this!

Are you considering Neutering your dog before they are a year old? Or even 18months for some breeds? Did you know that it’s a biological FACT that the same hormones related to the sex organs of a dog also support and encourage healthy bone, joint and cartilage...

I would like to say that your knowledge is exceptional and this shows in your teaching.
You certainly gave us something to consider when feeding our pets!” - Abby, Berks College Tutor

“Massive thanks to Caroline for working miracles with Koko (and me!). Seriously this woman is amazing!
If you want any info about her, let me know’” - Sonja Turner