What is Canine Flow?

 Canine Flow is a unique multi-dimensional way of being with our beloved, canine friends.

It has a few aspects to it. All of which lead you further towards your potential (always pawtential in Canine Flow), your purpose and your connection to a truly heart-based way of living.

For most people their dog leads them to Canine Flow. We believe that your dog is also a multi-dimensional being – who has found you, and is guiding you closer and closer to your higher, most expanded, aware, happy and abundant self.

As well as learning new, unique techniques to transform canine behaviours you will begin on a journey, re-remembering what the ancients always knew, that we humans are powerful beyond measure and have the capacity to co-create the kind of planet we want to live on and the kind of species we want to be part of.

If you are ready to move towards your heart space, away from traditional viewpoints of canine psychology, the ‘thinking’ dog and the separation that our overdeveloped minds have led us to, then you will feel as if Canine Flow is coming home.
Finally a way to see dogs as the true heart-based, magnetic, 5d (or higher) beings they are. To understand them, and all of nature, as energy. Guided by their individual flow of emotion; Energy in Motion, E-Motion.

Canine Flow blends well with compassionate positive dog training, however you are very likely to find yourself needing less and less of it as you and your dog come back into the Flow again.

Canine Flow goes beyond animal healing, there is nothing to ‘fix’, it is about contribution of what we would prefer to see instead, this is where true human power exists.

Canine Flow expands animal communication. A heart to heart connection with your dog allows a deep knowing and sensing to develop between you both. This happens fully when we move beyond viewing the animal as a thinking being.

In brief, Canine Flow:
# Solves and Transforms Behaviour Issues, uniquely
# Provides a profound connection between owner and dog
# Strengthens creative and intuitive abilities of the owner
# Improves the dogs wellbeing, and often ailments too.
# Provides tools that increase an owners own happiness, success and well-being
# Connects the owner to their innate Abundance; of energy, money, unconditional love
# Assists both owner and dog to reach their potential/pawtential
# Recognises and teaches the divine messages of the Sacred Canine Heart, the collective consciousness of dogs true purpose here with each of us, on a multi-dimensional level.

Canine Flow is about moving forward, there is no part that needs to visit past traumas or discuss reasons behind limiting emotional patterns or personal details.

You can learn Canine Flow as a pet dog owner or as somebody wishing to teach or share it to other dog owners as part of your existing dog training skillset or as a completely unique career.
You will learn Professional Canine Hypnotherapy as part of Canine flow, this is important as it involves the understanding of the emotional energy flow behind behaviours, CH without the knowledge of emotional energy motivation can be limiting for dogs.

What Next?

Attend a Retreat
Enjoy our Online Course
Choose a Professional Canine Hypnotherapy to suit your dog
Book a Reading/Consultation with Caroline
Keep an eye on events and talks in your area
Contact Caroline the Canine Flow Founder, one of the Practitioners, or students, to find local help for your dog. (link to download current practitioner list is below)

Canine Flow People

 You can download our current UK practitioner list here.
There are lots of Practitioners and Students (looking for case studies) up and down the UK, in Australia, USA, Croatia, and Switzerland.
Canine Flow is an expanding way of being with dogs, if you would like to pioneer the techniques in your area or country and truly shine your light on humanities relationship with dogs we would be thrilled to hear from you. 

Caroline : Founder
with her Foosa, Soi Shelter Dog. Caroline Founded Canine Flow after 25 years as a natural pet therapist, energy channeller, kennel & shelter worker and dog trainer.

ZsaZsa with BooBoo
Mediterranean rescue
Dawn Stone with Millie
and Mylo, practicing Canine Flow Meditations