All about Us

Caroline; Spiritual Dog Trainer with Foosa,  a shelter dog from Soi Dog Foundation, and Tripawd.
– Founder of Canine Flow and Canine Nutrition Specialist
– Author of The Best Dog Diet Ever with forward by Dr Nick Thompson and Imperfectly Natural Canine with forward by BBC’s Janey Lee Grace, creator of the Imperfectly Natural series.
– Creator of Professional Canine Hypnotherapy audios for behaviours and RelaxDog Meditations.

Following over 23 years work with dogs (and other animals) in shelters, kennels, behaviour and training classes accross the world  Foosa and I started Canine Flow. We offer another, completely unique, choice in dog training. One that addresses the emotional cause and energetic links behind behaviours, and ensures all owners are also given the opportunity to find greater happiness and success by embracing the messages in thier dogs choices and actions.

This is currently the only fully heart based dog training method in the world. We view dogs as true Feeling beings, what or if they are thinking is not part of our work. Emotions are heart based energies that are actually measurable in both frequency and the physical.

In Canine Flow my experience with dogs is blended with an empowering spiritual journey that has enabled me to connect deeply with myself, reconsider our reality and recognise what really makes up life, and our experiences of it.
Challenges, Resistance and Emotional blocks can be transformed, The things you want and changes you would like to see in the world are possible!

Your dog is here to highlight what needs to transform in yourself. By working with them to transform their behaviours you will find your own heart frequencies becoming empowered and your own creative power strengthened.

There has never been a more impawtent time to recognise the messages our dogs have for us, heart to heart, electromagnetically. 
If you are ready for a dog behaviour method that makes shifts for both your dog and yourself, and also all of planet earth!  Then this is for you.

We have many practitioners worldwide, and absolutely love to share our teachings and sacred canine knoweldge to help all of humanity get back into the Flow!

Your dog reflects your own emotional energies, and is here to show you your own fears, possiblities and potential.
Transform thier Behaviour,
Transform your Life.