Caroline; Spiritual Dog Trainer with Foosa

”We offer a completely unique choice in dog training. One that addresses the emotional cause and energetic links behind behaviours. Owners are also given the opportunity to find greater happiness and success by embracing the messages in their dog’s choices and actions.

It is currently the only fully heart-based dog training method in the world. We view dogs as true Feeling beings. Emotions are heart based (not mind-based) energies that are actually measurable in both frequency and the physical.”

Caroline is a Yoga teacher, Meditation facilitator, Dog Behaviour Specialist, Energy Healer, Magical Reality Creator and Nutritional Therapist.

Her purpose is to assist all beings to re-connect to their heart-space. To live from the sacred heart, in higher consciousness, of the 5th dimensional reality.
She has been running Retreats for over 10years, specialising so far in Retreats for dog owners. Her Retreats allow dog owners to recognise the messages and opportunities in their dog’s actions, behaviours and choices.
The people attending experience deep understanding, transformation and see the world through new eyes of peace and flow. They learn how to remove areas of resistance to flow, truly creating the life and reality they desire.

Dog behaviour issues are transformed through the Retreats too.
However, it is when we change that our dogs do! Humanity has chosen to change what is outside of him for many years, leading us all down the path of confusion and separation.
There is undeniable magic in recognising the potential we each have to change our outside world by making shifts ourselves, shifting our own inner world allows us to make shifts in our outside world. This is incredibly true for our dogs as they are so very connected to us emotionally, often they are the only beings we open up too, or let in.

”If you are looking to make truly outstanding transformations to your dog’s behaviours the first stop needs to be your own emotions – through the simple to use techniques within our training method, called Canine Flow.
The techniques never turn back, there is no need to share your traumas or to focus on who or what could be to ‘blame’
The techniques include powerful frequencies of light, channelled as new dimension Canine Codes from what has been discerned as the Sacred Canine Heart.

All aspects of your life will improve with Canine Flow; relationships, health, wealth and opportunities – utilising the Canine Flow techniques to create an awareness of, and allow your dog to show you, what it is you need to release to get back in the Flow.

Our training method, Canine Flow, has been described as the missing link in understanding canine emotions and behaviour motivations.
If it calls you in any way we would love to hear from you. Chances are your dog has been waiting for you to re-connect and discover us!”

Caroline works with people and their dogs worldwide. Offering Retreats, Webinars Consultations and Online Courses.
She lives between the UK and Cyprus with her beloved pets, Foosa a tri-pawd, Soi-Dog shelter dog and Fika a tri-colour magical cat.
Canine Flow follows over 24yrs experience working with dogs, and owners, in kennels, shelters and teaching behaviour workshops, coupled with Carolines own spiritual journey connecting fully to source and the light frequencies of the 5th dimension. 

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36 deck cards and guidebook. For readings and daily insights.

Professional Canine Hypnotherapy to assist in transforming behaviours.

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