Caroline; Spiritual Dog Trainer with Foosa

We view dogs as true Feeling beings. Motivated to a behaviour by their vital-energy flow.
Emotions are heart based (not mind-based) and are actually measurable as energy frequencies that influence and shape the physical
By understanding your dogs true emotional nature, and you own intricate link to this, you can not only completely transform your dogs behaviours but also create the happiness, success, peace and feelings of freedom you enjoy, wish for and deserve.
You and your dog can Reach Your Pawtential, together.

Canine Flow, has been described as the missing link in understanding canine emotions and behaviour motivations.
If it calls you in any way we would love to hear from you. Chances are your dog has been waiting for you to re-connect and discover us!”

I’m Caroline :). Somehow on my journey I have become a Yoga teacher, Meditation facilitator, Hypnotherapist, Dog Trainer & Behaviour Specialist, Energy Healer, Magical Reality Creator and Nutritional Therapist.

This my beautiful 3 legged shelter dog, Foosa. She represents my ‘future’ (foosa) and channels & develops Canine Flow with me.

Our ultimate purpose is to assist all beings to re-connect to their heart-space.
To live from the Sacred Heart, in higher consciousness, of the 5th dimensional or even higher realities.
Canine Flow was created to fill the gap between mind/psychology based dog training and the path of the animal healer, whatever modality practiced. It has however, developed to be so much more empowering.  Including powerful frequencies of light, channelled by myself as new dimensional Canine Codes from what has been discerned as the Sacred Canine Heart.

I have been running Retreats for over 10years now, specialising so far in Retreats for dog owners.
The people attending experience deep understanding, transformation and see the world through new eyes of peace and flow. They learn how to remove areas of resistance to flow, truly creating the life and reality they desire.
I am extremely proud of those who attend my retreats and make changes to their lives, especially those who have gone on to become Canine Flow practitioners and truly stepped up to their own emotional balancing and spiritual growth.

”Dogs are not so much our teachers but our reminders. To be heart-based, to be our pawtential. To evolve and ascend to our highest possibilities.”

The Best Dog Diet Ever – Caroline Griffith
with introduction from Dr Nick Thompson

Imperfectly Natural Canine – Caroline Griffith
with forward by Janey Lee Grace, creator of the Imperfectly Natural Series.

Canine Heart Oracle Cards
36 deck cards and guidebook. For readings and daily insights.

Professional Canine Hypnotherapy to assist in transforming behaviours.
Barking : Car travel : Fireworks and General Relaxation : Separation Anxiety :

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