The Canine Flow course is a chance to learn great techniques for your own dog, all dogs, and all owners. Furthermore it is a course of growth and transformation for yourself too.

In order to fully understand the concepts of Canine Flow it is important to be able to see them from different levels of understanding and most importantly higher levels of experience and spiritual awakening. It will be a little like re-reading your favourite book or re-watching a movie and being sure you didn’t notice ‘that bit’ last time.

To get the most from a course such as Canine Flow the key is to experience it as often as possible. This ensures a great understanding of the concepts and also strengthens your ability to teach, share and discuss the techniques and their benefits.

The course is spread over 3 sections: 2 Retreats and an online course module.
Each new Retreat course will include a new variety of dogs, people and the application of knowledge from each new level of understanding.
Your initial Retreat will focus on Discovery & Practice and the 2nd Sharing & Teaching knowledge gained from your online course, your case studies and the first Retreat.
By meeting new people on each of the Retreat course you have a perfect opportunity to practice the Canine Flow techniques and affirm your ability to discuss it, and even to teach it, to those who may never have experienced it before and those that have done so. This ensures ultimate awareness in order for progression.

The universe has an uncanny way of putting the ‘right’ people and dogs in front of us to enhance our learning, growth and happiness. Canine Flow spiral learning will always ensure this happens.
You will also make some great friends throughout the course and find support through the course, no matter how much time you take personally to complete the course.

If you choose to continue your path after your initial Retreat you will be asked to begin case studies between your first and second Retreat. You will also be added to the online support group and be able to benefit from the discussions, connections and additional webinars.
After your second Retreat Module you will also be asked to begin RelaxDog™ classes. By your third Retreat a deeper recognition of your own strengths and preferences will be emerging. We will work together to ensure you take your Canine Flow Practice in the direction that works best for you.
If you have chosen to begin with the Online Retreat Course you will also be able to begin case studies after your course and still continue to go on to become a practitioner.
It is imperative that you are able to attend and share your teaching style and enthusiasm for the work before a certificate of completion can be achieved.

Throughout your progression on the Canine Flow spiral you will be encouraged to teach the work, as ultimately this work is for sharing! When we share we receive back ten-fold.
A qualified Canine Flow practitioner will not only display a progression in working with dogs but in sharing the work confidently with owners too.

Upon completion of the Course our aim is to leave you with the ability to confidently consult, run our unique style of dog training classes, leading on to a community canine flow group if you wish and of course lead one day retreat seminars.
You will also be a pioneer in one of the most high vibration, transformational methods in the world for awakening and progressing humanity, sharing and ensuring the messages the dogs have for all of humanity are heard.

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