Aggressive, Anxious dog transformed with Canine Flow

Some of you may recall Stewie an amazing Shiba-inu who started me on a journey of teaching Spirals and Emotional Flow work to transform behaviours for dogs. Practitioner Dawn Stones recent success with Toshi, another Shiba, has reminded me of those beginnings and also just how needed this kind of behaviour work is. Both Stewie [...]

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Dog Behaviour – Have we been getting it wrong all this time?

When a dog act’s, or shows an action (what we call a behaviour) they are doing so because they feel something, they feel an emotion that drives them to act in that way. Kind of like a pull towards something or a push by their feeling towards something in front of them, or whatever has [...]

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Dogs and fireworks: How to keep your pet calm this festive season

Bonfire Night can be a challenge for dogs across the country, particularly one with nervous dispositions. Like the sound of waves, thunder and lightning, fireworks can play havoc with the nerves of dogs. There are many reasons why canines are so scared of fireworks. Most likely it’s because they have far more sensitive hearing than [...]

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Can Dogs Do Yoga? Introducing Doga-Flow…

Doga-Flow is the only form of Canine Yoga that encompasses all 8 practices of true Yoga. These 8 practices are known as the 8 Limbs of Yoga: they derive from the original Sanskrit yoga teachings in which their name is the Ashtanga - Ashta meaning Eight and Anga meaning Limb. These practices and teachings enable [...]

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Could your dog be missing out on these vital nutrients?

Your dog’s body is quite wonderful. It has countless internal processes capable of balancing hormones, energy levels, its nervous system, organ health, gut bacteria as well as clearing toxins or excess nutrients, healing its bones, skin and managing its immune system to protect itself from disease and even creating many of its own nutrients if [...]

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Wish there was Science behind Energy Techniques?

One of things that has amazed me over the course of my spiritual journey is just how much Science IS actually available highlighting the Why's and How's of various therapies, energy techniques and even mind-over-matter physical healing. The world view of energy work is changing. Although I agree there can still be skeptism I can [...]

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Snoops story – this work is amazing!!

This is what happened when one nervous dog, Snoop, began Professional Canine Hypnotherapy. Behaviour issues assisted include : Nervousness, Anxiety at being touched, Cowering, Running up to other dogs and Excessive licking. Bless him! I am grateful he was able to find our work. After 1 day of PCH Hi Caroline, Just wanted to share [...]

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You must understand this! – our dogs need us to ‘get’ this concept.

I discovered a wonderful thing while teaching in Israel this weekend. The word for dog in Hebrew, the traditional language of Israel, is Kelev, which literally translates as ‘like a heart’. As one of the oldest languages in the world how something made you feel would have played a strong role in the creation of [...]

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Can simply Meditating really make a difference to my dogs behaviour?!

Yes. Absolutely. As you will read further on Meditation studies have showed it can literally shift the emotional energies of whole towns, with behaviours changing and crime rates dropping. It is high time we recognised the value of what seems such a simple technique within our relationship with our dogs. At Canine Flow: RelaxDog ™ [...]

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New study shows dog reflect us emotionally!

Dogs are our mirror! This study has shown, what we Canine Flow practitioners have been discussing for a long time. http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-38920193 You are your dog are a unit. By reflecting what is going on for you emotionally your dog is your teacher. In Canine Flow you, the dog owner, doesn’t know best. The human world [...]

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