In short – Yes, any strong planetary energy occurrence can influence how your dog feels, and thus their behaviour choices.

Tonight will see the moon at the closest its been to our planet earth in 70years.
Appearing visually 14{4da997b282d5795c5afa16f0d1368cad8e81b680680781bf82c78f4866adc60f} bigger and 30{4da997b282d5795c5afa16f0d1368cad8e81b680680781bf82c78f4866adc60f} brighter than our normal monthly full moon.

The old adage of a wolf howling to the full moon does in fact have good grounding. The moons energy has an influence on animal feelings and would encourage them to express those feelings, essentially emotions, the way they prefer to do so as a species. A wolfs preference is the vocal, sound based expression. These effects could be much stronger at a time of a celestial Super Moon event.

All dogs that bark or vocalise, excessively or simply throughout there daily activities and experiences, are simply expressing themselves emotionally.
Different sound vibrations will relate to the emotions they are feeling at the time.
Akin to us humming, singing, shouting or the tone of our voice.
If your dog is vocalising more than you would wish please do consider what they could be trying to express! Is there frustration for them, or a need to express in other ways? Do they need more exercise, more heart to heart connection (have you been stressed lately or have heart walls due to feeling hurt?) often they simply need to be able to potter about and sniff and ground themselves on new or interesting places – what we would usually label as them being ‘mentally’ stimulated is actually a good grounding of emotions that all creatures need the freedom to be able to do in order to feel safer and more emotionally balanced.
This is happening via their emotional limbic system and their heart, rather than the mind.

Anyway back to our Super Moon!
The moons energy is known to have an influence on different mineral levels in our bodies. In particular the minerals Zinc, Chromium and Silica. If your dog already has imbalances of these minerals they are likely to show more symptoms during a full moon, and with greater influence at a Super Moon.
The influence on blood sugar levels and behaviour is widely discussed and researched in our present day; historically people simply felt they ‘knew’ the full moon had links with the activity of nature’s creatures, such as the wolf.

Just as our dogs and we have energy layers that surround us, known as the aura layers or energy field, so does our planet itself. Many creatures use these fields every day to navigate around or find food sources. As well as gravitational, electric, magnetic – or together electromagnetic fields the energy fields of the earth also contain the frequencies of all the common elements that make up the planet. The including same mineral elements the body needs and uses for health. Such Calcium, Carbon, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus or indeed Chromium the mineral used within the pancreatic system to balance blood sugar levels.
There are many reason why heading into nature makes us feel great, mineral balance is unlikely to be one you initially hear about – but its there all the same.
It’s often the subtle things that are actually making the biggest difference!
They are even more influential if you are climbing a mountain or hill, researcher Fran Nixon established in the varied frequencies of elements felt and absorbed as a creature ascended a mountain in the early 1970’s. She published many books on the subject of earth energy frequencies, and the influences they have on body function and behaviour. Including discoveries of certain points on the body that our mineral levels or imbalances can be tested, and certain points on the body we use to test the presence of earth element frequencies and potentially tap-into them. Something I certainly would love to learn more about!
Fran found that during a Full Moon the earth frequencies of Chromium can sometimes be undetectable by the body points for up to 8hrs, the length of time depending on the strength of the suns gravitational force that particular month.
It becomes easier to understand the influence natures frequencies can have the more we delve into the effect earth elements have on the body’s balancing tools!

The differing level of tides are also connected to the way animals feel, tides of course are closely related to the moons activity.
A famous 30-year study into the effect of the tides and earth elements on Trees was published in 1973 by medical scientist H.Burr. By attaching electrodes to the living layers, cambium of tree trunks Burr provided evidence of a link between the intensity of planetary movements, new and full moons and even the seasons on the growth and the electromagnetic fields of his trees.
It stands to reason that if living plants can be influenced by the changing fields then all creatures linked to such fields will be influenced too. That includes us, and our dogs.

What does this mean for our dogs?
> They are feeling beings – and are influenced very little by their mind when decision making or behaving a certain way. To make lasting transformation in our dog’s behaviour it is paramount we move beyond the limiting thought based world and re-connect with nature and its powerful therapeutic and rebalancing abilities?
> Mineral imbalances can be effected more deeply at the time of a full moon
> Pancreatic issues may be influenced at the time of a full moon
> Your dog may need to express his or her emotions through vocalisation, digging, chewing, ingestion (taking thing into the mouth to ground emotions), or any of the behaviours associated with emotional energy expression…
> that should pass!
> There are lots of ways to enhance your dogs emotional energy flow, and ensure it is expressed in safe ways or behaviours you would prefer through Canine Flow and Professional Canine Hypnotherapy (find your local practitioner here)
> Your dog may need more space and understanding at this time!
> You may find a deeper meditative energy can be connected to – if you are not meditating with your dog, certainly do so at this time! Tonight’s full moon will be a wonderful energy to connect with.