What makes Professional Canine Hypnotherapy – well.. Professional?!

We make long term differences to the dogs we work with!
There are many ways…
The concept of using language and voice tone to influence an animal is no doubt something anybody who has learnt those techniques could turn to doing.
Dogs also, I believe are here to encourage us all to open our hearts, notice and reduce our fears, live life more in the moment and to trust our intuition.
In short they are here to assist us to empower our connection to source.
For this reason many more practitioners of human based therapies or modalities are finding themselves more and more attracted to using the skills they have learnt and developed for people, on dogs.

Including the Owner too
Being with the dogs is a clear personal growth for the therapist. Some say they feel would rather work with dogs than people. Yet ultimately to truly assist a dog you need to work with the owner too, you need to understand the electromagnetic (emotional) charge an owner has and how that influences the dog! You need to be aware of the power of intent and the value of empowering the owner – only then will you make lasting changes and truly make a difference for the dog.
If your canine hypnotherapist is not working with you, or the dogs owner – they are not practicing Professional Canine Hypnotherapy and are unlikely to make lasting changes to a dogs behaviour.

In this busy world, simply having the time out to relax is actually much harder for dogs than it ever has been. Often the short time during a Hypnotherapy session can show in-the-moment results in terms of calming a dog down and allowing them to display less reactive responses to fears or the environment around them. Very much like a person attending a yoga class or trying out meditation.
This is, in my experience, short lived. Unless the true root of the dogs fear, anxiety or reactivity is addressed on the Physical, Emotional and Energetic level its stored at lasting change doesn’t happen. For this reason Professional Canine Hypnotherapists also practice the following.

Awareness of Physical state
When a Professional Canine Hypnotherapist visits a dog and owner a detailed observation and assessment of the dogs physical balance will be taken. This may simply happen visually with the more advanced practitioners, or in more detail on a case study. A diagram highlighting the findings will be provided for the owner (the dog is welcome to see it too of course ;-)).
The understanding of the influence that physical imbalances, tension patterns, cellular memory of emotions and the dogs potential emotional flow is imperative in making lasting changes to behaviours, this is something an untrained practitioner can miss.
When these are observed the dog is considered holistically, and crucially the practitioner then knows what to work with when the dog is experiencing the actual hypnotherapy session! Without this knowledge there is nothing to work with when the dog is under hypnosis. To simply use hypnosis, is completely missing the point.

The Mind is not the root of a behaviour
A dogs choice of behaviour has very little to do with their mind. Professional Canine Hypnotherapists know that simply calming a dog, or working with their mind to somehow ‘intercept’ or transform thought patterns is not how behaviour is transformed. A Professional Canine Hypnotherapist will work with a dogs Feelings (Emotions) not their mind. Ultimately they are trained to work with with the dogs Emotional Energy Flow – the Moving Flow of Energy which makes up the dog, and all of life. As it is the state of the dogs Emotional Flow that determines their behaviours.

Providing Practical Suggestions
Professional Practitioners will also leave the owner with suggestions of changes that could be made to the various electromagnetic energies within the household. These suggestions will ensure that the dogs and the whole household understands the value of the unseen energies within the household and the impact they can have on how a dog feels (its emotional flow), and thus its choice of behaviour.

Using Peaceful Intention
The intent is an electromagnetic force of emotion, from the practitioner, and the owners at the time of the session, and afterwards. It is also of paramount value. If an owner or a practitioner misunderstands the behavioural motivation, and uses the labels such as dominant, the dog wanting control, the dog being ‘naughty’, ‘bad’ or needing to do as its asked the intention is then not on the creation of peace and the emotional development of the dog and owner. The intention has moved to a focus on a separation and fear – not love and oneness.

Used as a Training Method
Canine Hypnotherapy is not something that could control the way a dog behaves by changing the dogs ‘mind’, it is a training method to transform the energy between and owner and a dog, transform emotions to peace and love and to introduce people to the fact that everything in our world is made of energy and can be influenced on a vibratory level.
Canine Hypnotherapy is not used for well-being issues and is not passed under the Veterinary Act 1962 to be used a such – it is however unintentionally therapeutic for 2 reasons: the first due to the body physiological response to being in a relaxed state for any period of time but secondly because of the link between unresolved emotions and cellular memory on the health of the dogs body.
Professional Canine Hypnotherapists will not work with well-being issues as a consultation primary focus, but some well-being issues have been noted to improved alongside behavioural transformations.
Our work has been approved by veterinarians.

The title Canine Flow was created to explain the importance of a dog’s emotional balance and the flow of those emotions in behavioural terms. It is wonderful that human trained therapists practitioners are now finding dogs to work with and enhance there personal development my wish to the universe is that peace be created, emotions be released and resolved, and understood professionally to make a proper difference to our planet and to these wonderful beings we share so much of our life with.
Our work goes deeper than simply learning a techniques without understanding the value of it in the bigger picture. To truely love dogs is to listen to the teachings they have for us, they are here to assist transformation of the humankind, to re-connect us to source and understand the energy that makes up life.

A list of Canine Flow Practitioners : Professional Canine Hypnotherapists on our website www.thespiritualdogtrainer.com
We share a website because this work is for all of us – we are here to create peace and make a difference to dogs and their owners, together.