I have been on a true journey. Learning the most effective ways to make a difference to dogs and their owners.
But being good at that, having the services or the products that made such a difference, and then confidently, expertly Telling People About Them!
Well, that part needed work 🙂
That part is when the real growth came along….

I am over the moon excited to be able to offer you the chance to be part of a FREE Online Summit that teaches all the things I wish I had known at the beginning of my journey!

This is a summit for all Entrepawneurs running a canine related business with passion, purpose or both!

I have collaborated together fun, interesting, unmissable speakers who are literally already rocking the world of Abundance and Growth in their heart-centred businesses.
Learn from those who have already achieved what you would like to grow into!

Summit Focus 1
Learn new ways to grow your heart-centred business, connect with like-hearted business & dog owners and gain a connection or re-connection to your own inner potential.
This is powerful summit that will bring stability and energy into your business. Packed with teachings, ideas and inspiration.
Including marketing practices, practical aspects such as pricing, social media, finishing or starting that book and much more.
Alongside techniques to boost your confidence and self-belief in yourself and your value.

Summit Focus 2
Your dog is actually intricately linked to your own growth, success and happiness – to your Pawtential.
They are here with you for a reason. Perhaps your dog was the inspiration for your business or purpose?
This event will create the space and time to strengthen and honour this connection. Our dogs are in fact our best teachers for creating the happiness and success we would like to see. With your dog by your side, fully suppawting you on an energetic level – you’ll be unstoppable!

Take inspired action today and be part of this brilliant, unique summit created especially for people like you!

*Top industry speakers and topics announced on our FB Event over the coming weeks! ( https://www.facebook.com/events/1111447469059715/ )

Once you sign-up to be part of the summit you will have the oppawtunity to download the full schedule of speakers so you never miss your favourite topics and industry experts.
To be part of this simply sign-up here: (link on its way guys!)

All speakers will be offering you a super special offer alongside their interview so you can more easily tap into the knowledge and skills they have to offer after the Summit is over.

Let me know that you would like to access the Free Online Summit and receive the Summit Schedule here:

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There will also be an inspirational meet-up and networking day connected to the Online Pawtential Summit in the UK after the summit.
Buxton Dome, Derbyshire : Sunday June 2nd.
This meet-up event is listed here : https://www.facebook.com/events/752374478432139/