How to make the LIONS GATE work for you today or indeed any special planetary, astrological energy shifting event
Awareness of your expectation of Lions Gate is key to how it will be for you! These sacred codes and transformations are wonderful for us.
*Choose what you want to See In Your Reality today – on with this wonderful day when we we have the backing of a huge empowering energy field!*
Yes, resistance to releasing concepts of blame, feeling a victim or looking outside of ourselves could show up. But its the Resistance to their release that causes issues – not the Lions Gate itself.
If you feel different, upset, sad, angry today let it Flow.
Accept it and consider what you could learn about from yourself from this.
BUT! – Instead of sinking into those feelings choose to use this powerful time to CREATE what we want to see, rather than focusing onto that which we don’t.
Visualise, switch focus, set intentions! BREATHE INTO THE HEART 💖

We are all becoming a higher frequency, either slowly or if accepted much faster!
This means we have greater access to the technologies, frequencies, codes and connections that the rest of our universe and those guiding us have to share with us.
We can re-connect with the sacred knowledge that we have forgotten.

You may find you see more Numerology based synchronicities at the time of special events.
You may sense or see visions of guides, angels, or spirit animals too.

This Lions Gate is an activation, an oppawtunity for you and your dog to speed up your ascension and release the fears and negativities that may be holding you back.

If we can assist you with this please don’t hesitate to book an online consultation, reading or simply reach out and ask how we may assist you.

We wish you much Love, Woof and Wonder at this transformational time 💖🐾😇