I recently spied a book on my friend’s book shelf and out of interest picked it up to opened it. It was caller Fear – essential wisdom for getting through the storm by the well known and loved author, Zen Buddhist monk Thich Naht Hanh. I am sure many of you have heard of him.
Randomly opening it on page 93 the chapter was titled A Revolution of Compassion.
It talked of the modern fear of terrorism that is engulfing the media, and thus much of the world. Highlighting that perhaps we should be questioning why it is that people feel willing to sacrifice their own lives, and create suffering and puts forward that a feeling of Perceived Injustice is at the root of it all.
He writes ‘’of course we need to stop the violence, we may even need to keep people separated while they are a danger to others. But we also need to ask ourselves ‘what responsibility do we have for the injustice in the world’ ‘’
’Hatred anger and fear are like burning fires that can be put out by compassion. But where do we find compassion? If it were sold in the supermarket we would only need to bring it home and we could dissolve all the hatred and violence in the world very easily. But compassion can only be produced in our own heart, by our own practice.
Terrorists are everywhere. They are not just the people who blow up buses, when we are angry and behave in an angry way then we are not so different from the terrorists we demonise, because we have that same knife of anger in our hearts.’’

For me this rings very true in terms of how we approach our understanding of dogs and of those who mistreat dogs, and of the responsibility we all have to create change. Even small change that seems too small to count is exactly what we all need to be doing to make the bigger changes.

Noticing the Felt why behind your dogs behaviours rather than the presumed thinking or personal ‘attack’ that they did against something or someone.
Much of the things we do with our dogs reduce their ability to express themselves, a definite perceived injustice will happen within there body and its cells – not a thought or a hard-done-by-ness as such but a frustrated feeling of their energies limited in some way.
Allowing our dogs freedom to choose natural behaviours to not have to obey commands to be free of expectations. They all sound pretty scary things to do if you have been used to managing your dogs moves, but they are they very thing that improves bonds and release fears, to build compassion. Your fears are simple a false evidence appearing real. Dogs are naturally peace bringing, natural emotional expressers and naturally keener to be calm and relax than we can believe they are.

Much of dog abuse stems from uneducated or compassionate people acting because there are too many dogs in the world, so many they become seen as pests, or in the same way some may see rats or mice.
It is logical that less in the world will mean a higher chance of dogs finding homes; there is certainly no shortage of dogs. We can all do our bit by addressing outdated limiting beliefs that pups are easier to own/get/take on or integrate into an established family, that keep us thinking we need to breed more. There are plenty of puppies waiting for homes across the world as well as adult dogs.

Working to reduce the ill-will we feel is due to:
People who are not compassionate to animals or to
People who we perceive as causing us an injustice by perhaps not having their dog on the lead when you meet them or not caring for the dog in the ‘right’ way. It happens, life happens, reducing the ill-will feeling is important for making change happen. The result of our fears of other dog’s actions or owner’s reactions is creating more of the fears we experience! It is currently a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Reducing the ill-will feeling is a Huge thing to do but also has Huge benefits for us all!
The institute of HeartMath have proven in many research studies or trials that genuine feelings of compassion, gratitude and Love can influence the other beings around you, by up to several feet! With frequencies the feelings give out from the heart.
Even those you may not speak to directly or ‘know’ could benefit. If we all did it, how much of a difference could we make?

The image for this blog is the Heart-Lock Technique the Institute have developed that does this. please support them! www.heartmath.org

I would love to see a different kind of dog training classes in every town. One that teaches about the emotional (electromagnetic) energies our dogs have, and the safe ways and techniques for them to express and ground those energies. Showing the owners how to build compassion and gratitude in their hearts, so they can leave sharing it with the world and bond more closely with their dog.
My experience has shown me that dogs that are able to express themselves do not show the behaviours we fear, or the impractical behaviours that upset us. Whereas limitations and expectations can contribute to reactivity, or cause it. You can address behaviours a different way and even train a dog to be calm and responsive in a different way.
Both the dog and the owner can also massively reduce any fears of the world in general, and all the things happening in it, to enjoy life more peacefully and contribute peace back to the world again.

Perhaps we could start a Revpawlution of Compassion?

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