Have you been wondering if there is more to dog training? Perhaps a way to live with and care for your dogs that embraces our spiritual ascension, our soul growth?

Maybe you simply like the look of what I do and would like to offer something similar for dogs and owners, that you know?

Your purpose could well be to work with dogs, you feel that, but you are not sure in what way…

For the last few years I have slowly began to offer my skills and teachings as a Course, teaching a few select, super interested, people to become Canine Flow Practitioners, with the possibility of running their own Day Retreats, Relax Dog Classes and Consultations.

The course has also been a true journey for those studying it. Contributing to their own spiritual, soul growth, release of negative or limiting patterns and re-connection to source, the universe and their own innate ability to create their reality and really love their life.

As our group has grown so has our list of successes, dogs and owners transforming, getting healthier and finding the Joy, Fun and Ease of life again.

As a practitioner the most impawtent part is to be able to share the work, to have integrated the practices yourself and be at one with teaching them or sharing them with others.
You do not need to have had experience of these things as the passion you begin to feel, and that grows in you will carry forward into sharing the Canine Flow work in the way that best suits you.

What you need to know:

Canine Flow can be integrated with other dog training methods (kind ones).

Canine Flow can be used alongside Healing or Therapy modalities.

Canine Flow is not simply esoteric or mystical. It brings the science and deep understanding of emotions as measurable energies into dog care, training and love.

Canine Flow also includes training in Professional Canine Hypnotherapy, Diet & Nutritional aspects of behaviour as well as our own exclusive tools and techniques and the skills for your own personal (pawsenal) ability to create and manifest the things you would like in your life.

Canine Flow will bring out the best in you. It unites all aspects of vibrational energy. Thus enhancing any other practice you are already offering.

To become a Practitioner you will complete the Online Course and attend two of our Retreat weeks, anywhere in the world either with or without your dog.

The Online Course provides all the tools and practices, plus the theory-based side of Canine Flow and the in-depth meaning behind its practices.
Attendance of the Retreats provides an oppawtunity to integrate the practices and tools into your own life with your dog/s, fully understand them in practice and discover how to share them confidently with different kinds of dogs and their owners. They are also heaps of fun, and soul nourishing, retreat holidays.

Following the course Practitioners will have further oppawtunities to study or be suppawted in business creation, marketing and additional aspects such as Aroma-Flow with essential oils.

The Course is not simply something that you learn to do on or for dogs. This is a life-changing journey of fun, growth and re-connection to your true purpose and true-self. You will be fully suppawted to create an income from this and will meet, and make friends with, some of the most transformational, high-vibe dog owners ever!

What next?
You are welcome to start with our Online Course, or to first attend a Retreat.

The Retreats do get booked up quite far in advance, my Facebook page is packed with photos of previous retreats, the accommodation, food, dogs and people who have attended those for the last 11yrs.

If you would prefer to jump on a quick zoom or skype call with me to find out how and if Canine Flow could be a fit for you just let me know.