Caroline; Spiritual Dog Trainer with Foosa, Rescue from Soi Dog Foundation & Tripawd.
– Founder of Canine Flow and Canine Nutrition Specialist
– Author of The Best Dog Diet Ever with forward by Dr Nick Thompson and Imperfectly Natural Canine with forward by BBC’s Janey Lee Grace, creator of the Imperfectly Natural series.
– Creator of Professional Canine Hypnotherapy audios for behaviours and RelaxDog Meditations.

Foosa’s Message..
”My owner Caroline has been on a growing spiritual journey all her life. She chose, over 20 years ago, at the age of 16, to follow her heart and work with dogs and other animals, in kennels and rescue centres.
Whilst over the years, She has qualified in many behaviour training techniques and energy therapies for animals none have taught her as much as being around us dogs ourselves.
Through the dogs she has met and cared for she has discovered so much about life, energy and her purpose here on planet earth.
She believe’s us dogs, especially, are here as teachers, aligning humans to their purpose and paths. Freeing and balancing their inner emotional energies by reflecting them back to them in our behaviours.

We both currently live in beautiful Cyprus.
I am a very lucky street dog from the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand. I met Caroline in 2015 when she volunteered at the Soi Dog sharing her techniques with me, the staff and other dogs.
Although we miss each other when she does, Caroline returns to teach in the UK twice a year and is also always happy to chat to you over Skype or email about your dogs behaviours or wellbeing- even if only to send you some of our Cyprus sunshine!

Caroline and I are extremely proud of the practitioners and students who have believed in Canine Flow and Professional Canine Hypnotherapy so far – they are brilliant!
Please don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Practitioner for consultations, classes or Seminars.”

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