Our Pawtal Gateway Launch Sequence has COMPLETED!

Gaurdians of the canine realm,
Either you can sign sign from the home page OR
existing mail-list readers – Your invite is on its way!!

There is Nothing Like This in whole cosmiverse, and I am (tbh quite overwhelmed I have created this for you! – but equally,) Super Excited!

A Supportive Community
An Education Platform
Sacred Canine Knowledge
Projects to create Peace and Pawsitivity
A unique Pound Table discussion board that You can sit on and contribute to an empowering future
Enlightened Canine Training and Healing Techniques

The Launch Sequence has COMPLETED!
Keep your eyes peeled for an invitation and your finger on the ‘count me in’ button!
(That’ll be the return button… because actually we need to Return, return to the magic we once came from. )
A Sneak Peek at our Community Group!!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 18.02.38