Canine Flow ~ The Art of Being with Dogs

A unique way to understand and transform Canine Behaviour.

Study to practice the techniques of Canine Flow alongside other kind dog training methods or as your only training method. Offer Consultations, full day Seminars and run your very own RelaxDog™ training classes in your area.
Our techniques are powerful, heart felt ways to influence and a dog’s Emotional Energy – the true source of all behavioural choices. (This course includes Professional Canine Hypnotherapy)

Dogs are emotional Feeling beings. They have the biggest heart per body mass of any creature on earth – they literally Feel their way through life, connecting with frequencies of energy all around them, in ways we may never feel or sense ourselves.

Traditionally canine behaviour & training has focused mostly on a dog’s mental and physical energies. Influencing through commands, games, diet, appropriate exercise or activity and even methods to encourage more thought.
Our techniques are the only training method to work with a dogs Flow of feelings/emotions. Reducing or removing emotional blocks, heart walls of fear and anxieties and improving the dog’s ability to cope and move on from things that occur around them or too them.

Canine Flow
#Increases the dog’s capacity to learn
#Releases stuck emotions at the cellular level
#Creates deeper understanding between owner and dog
#Improves a dogs choices of emotional grounding and nourishment (we usually restrict almost all of these without realising!)
#Recognises it’s not about the Mind or Thoughts, it’s about Feelings and Connection. (To us, dog psychology is SO last season.)
#Provides logical solutions for many behaviours and traits we think we cannot explain or have not yet solved with traditional mind and physical based methods. (eg; aggression, reactivity, the need and use of the VNO, how dogs really ‘know’ a good or bad person & lots more…)
#Highlights the reason behind ‘I’m sure it’s me’. Showing how, as owners, we can also unblock and open our hearts flow – and literally watch behaviours change as a result!
#Wakes People Up – connecting owners and dogs with the true message dogs have for us. That we do not need to be victims or live with fear – we are capable of creating the life/planet/dog behaviour we want. If we are ready to act only with love, gratitude and wonder.

Canine Flow has been built on a wealth of research into why these intention and heart-based techniques transform behaviour the way they do.
We do not have all the answers yet ( just most of them 😉 ) but we do offer a stunning new way to work with dogs amongst our evolving, ever more purposeful, humanity.
If it is your purpose to work with dogs, but you also want to make a difference to the planet, and to truly inspire people through change. Then Contact me today.
Lets go for it! Lets share the true message of nature, energy and emotions together.

How to become a Canine Flow Practitioner…

Our Practitioner course location is;

Bosworth Hall Hotel & Spa, Market Bosworth, UK.
Accommodation can be booked at the venue itself or at an alternative nearby. The venue has a large dog friendly park in its grounds, and even a spa for you to relax in – perfect!