Discover North Cyprus – The med’s best kept secret…

Beautiful Holidays or Your very own place in the sun?
Here you can make it happen!


North Cyprus is currently the highlight of the Mediterranean property market.
With apartments from $35k  and villas from £100k your dream of a home in the sun really can come true.
(Mortgages are even available!)

I spend as much time here as possible throughout the year creating audios, retreat plans, videos and courses for you and your gorgeous dogs. I find the heart based energy here amazing, the peace and the nature soul filling and the people friendly and welcoming.
If ever there was somewhere to follow your purpose, it’s here.

I want to share this place with you because I know exactly what its feels to ask the universe for a way to live in the sunshine, and not know how it could possibly ever happen.
I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve visualised the dream and I’ve manifested it.
I know it is possible – and if I can create it, anybody can. :-)
                                          I can’t wait to help You do the same.

Contact me today for your FREE Clarity Skype call, including details of FREE inspection trips to head over here and feel the magic for yourself.

and may I mention that Bosnian pyramid researcher Dr Osmanagich has been right here to see potential sacred energy sites! and that the strongest theory of the Atlantis city location is based on findings in the sea just off the North Cypriot coast?
This is Sacred North Cyprus.

If you have any questions, thoughts or limiting beliefs about doing something like this please contact me and we can sip herbal tea and discuss them over Skype or FB messenger on your FREE Clarity call.

Your friend
Caroline :-)

ps. check out my interview with celebrity chef Kristof Steiner as he shows us around his vacation villa in North Cyprus!