We are not broken we are whole, always perfect and whole. We don’t need fixing, we just need to transform.
Foosa, Pawsenal Development 2016

We don’t know exactly how but I currently have 2 fractures in my pelvis area, my owner found me after I had had a particularly fun sprint across the fields in front of the gorgeous mountains here in North Cyprus.
Because I only have 3 legs I to have a habit of flicking my back leg out as I run along, we feel this may have been getting pretty tight and tense over time and in the end something ‘had to give’ as such.
I know I love life so much and absolutely love to chase after exciting things like other dogs or smells, goats or Cats! I love a good cat chase…

How ever we arrived at this stage we are here. I have been having pain killers from the vets but also lots of natural stuff too. Here is how we are treating me, and how you could treat your dog if they ever fractures or ‘broken’ bones too!

Energy techniques:

When I first had this injury my owner Caroline arranged for me to have an animal communicator body scan and send healing to me, as well as the amazing Body Code to release stuck emotions and fears surrounding what had happened. Both these were done distantly and made a big difference.
I had a Reiki treatment which made the practitioner cry lots, releasing for me. I was very clever and showed him exactly where to lay his hand for treatment and released a lot of my fears through him during the treatment.

I have also had Homeopathic remedies sent to me distantly too, Arnica for bruising, Hypericum for nerve pain and now Symphytum for bone healing too.

Diet and Supplements:
A fresh diet of real actual food goes without question, no dog would heal fully on processed food. I have been having lamb feet and chicken necks for bone mineral content. I love those lamb feet, eating them so quickly ‘on the hoof’ you could say…
The bones have already formed bone, which is what I want to form too so a wonderful place to get exactly the nutrients what I need to do so. Including the enzymes and fatty acids as well as the obvious minerals and their co-nutrients like boron and Vit D (which I am also luckily getting from the sunshine here).

Also on my menu are yummy lightly cooked fishes like mackerel and salmon for their omega 3 content. Omega 3 will be needed by my body to reduce the inflammation around the fractures or breaks. My vet medication ‘painkiller’ is Metacam which basically acts to block the inflammatory pathways – rather than just doing that we are aiming to give my body a way to reduce the inflammation instead, as it can do if given the correct nutrition to do so.

I am also having Cortaflex and version of Glucosamine and Chondroitin created for dogs, but with the molecules broken down so they are easier to absorb and use in my body at the cellular level.

next I have Seahorse Kelp, an ethical harvested pure Kelp packed with minerals and goodness for my skeletal system, and other body bits.

Yesterday I also went for my 2nd set of x-rays and no that we know my bones are setting in the correct alignment I can also have the wonderful herb Comfrey aka ‘Knitbone’! Which hopefully will now do just as it is reputed to do and knit my bones back together! Ta dah!

I am a very grateful lucky doglet, knowing that my Caroline know lots of magical people who can make me transform naturally.
I hope if any of you have the same thing happen to your doglet that this blog will provide examples of ways to transform your doglet back to super health again too!

With Love, Heart Vibes and Peace
Foosa xx