Foosa’s first blog! Bless her she has been pawsistently asking to be able to be part of my website, and we have agreed sharing her experiences of natural dog products is a great way round it.

The Foose on the Loose series has begun!
First up her Pet Protector Disc.

”Caroline bought this back for me from the UK. ( and Dylan got one too but I think mine is shinier – and anyway he shook and his flew off his collar… it has yet to be found again but I will let you if it does turn up.)

Its lightweight, I don’t really notice it is there except sometimes it jangles on something.
Before I got one I had ticks almost every day, little teeny brown ones that Caroline had to really look out for in my long hair. Being a street dog I pride myself that I am actually pretty good at biting them out myself and killing them, a bigger doggy on Phuket beach once showed me how to do that. I used to leave them dead on the sofa sometimes.
But since the Pet Protector went on – its takes 48hours to start to work, I have only had 1 tick! The discs work because we dogs are vibrational beings, the disc blends with and stores our ‘tick and flea free’ vibration during the 1st 24/48hours and then emits a frequency that repels insects away from that vibration.
(Apparently they call it Nanotechnology.)

The tick I got was after I visited a different area! About an hour away in the Car ( my favourite thing in the world! …well one of them). This happened because ticks and fleas and other insecty things resonate at different frequencies depending on the area you live in. Its a bit like all having the same accent in certain areas, sound is a frequency too of course. 🙂

They have also kept the Sand Flies away too, so far… I have been wearing it for about 3 months now. I shall keep you posted on how well it works as the year progresses.

I am not quite sure where it came from, but I am sure if you have a look online you will find one. They cost around £40, which sounds like a lot of dog treats to me…
but they are worth having instead of those horrible smelling chemicals, even if they are not the only option you use. They can work with other natural treatments too.

Thank you for reading my blawg, I look paward to telling you all about other natural doggy products soon!

Pawsitivity to you all,
Foosa xx