Canine Flow Online Course


Online Canine Flow Certificate: Transform your dogs behaviours and magnify your own success and happiness by dog training from the Heart.
Learn Canine Flow from anywhere in the world.



A completely unique way of training, understanding and living with your dog, with the bonus of dramatically enhancing your own success and happiness too!

Your dog’s behaviours and your own personal growth are inseparably linked.
Your dog is actually your magical key to creating all the things you would like to see in your world, they are absolutely here with you for a reason.
This is a chance to work with your dog in a totally new way. A way that not only transforms your dog and your life, but contributes to the peace and empowerment of all animals and humanity.

The course will enable you to:
# Understand and Transform your dogs behaviours, effortlessly and from the Heart.
# Understand the true energetic motivation behind all canine behaviours – a unique perspective not being discussed anywhere else, yet completely works!
# Successfully use the Canine Flow techniques with your own dog, and to transform your own lifestyle
# Share the work with family, friends and shelter dogs too!
# Be armed with all you need to begin consultation case studies and become a Canine Flow Practitioner*, earning an income from this pioneering, heart-based method of working with dogs and owners.

Course Includes:
# Fully downloadable worksheets, video classes and reading material
# A personal online session with myself, Caroline and Foosa, 60mins.
# Free access to the Canine Flow Mempawship Group – a group packed with exclusive lectures from meetings I have had with Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Wolf experts, Canine Natural Care professionals, Holistic vets and many more.
# A Free Professional Canine Hypnotherapy audio of your choice to use throughout the course, and keep for the future too.
# Guidance on creating a Retreat space at home to benefit fully from the course.
# Entry to the Practitioner and Students private online support group – this will include additional online seminars and lectures throughout your course and beyond. Ongoing support and coaching for both your personal and business focus of Canine Flow.
# Personal support from myself and invitations to our meet-up days where we create high-vibe happiness and collectively create change for dogs globally.

Once you have purchased the course, your course modules will all arrive via email, approximately two weeks apart.
I will also be in touch immediately to arrange an online personal support session and get you started on your Canine Flow journey.
There is no deadline to complete the course, however the course is designed to be taken over a few months, with the skills available to you for a lifetime.
Download the Online Course Schedule for more detailed info on what is included in the course and each module.
Watch our video to see Whats included in the Course?

Your Course Creator, Canine Flow founder Caroline Griffith.
”Thank you for considering this course. I have developed Canine Flow from over 24 years experience in both dog behaviour training and animal energy therapist fields. Harnessing the power of energy techniques for behaviour as well as well-being.
The course offers a chance to learn a unique heart-based training method that balances a dogs emotions and energy flow, and those of you, the owner, too.
Empowering you both to feel happy, calm and fulfilled – to truly be in the Flow.
Your dog is a special being, guided to you for your growth and ascension. They have profound messages for humanity which are only truly heard when we move from mind-based techniques into our heart-space. For me this way of being with dogs is long over-due, I am blessed to share it with you and support you on your journey to making a difference to dogs and owners all over the world x~x ”

*Following this Online Certificate you can continue to become a Canine Flow Practitioner by undertaking case studies, and taking part in 2 Retreat style practical weeks where you not only get to enjoy a wonderful fulfilling break away with your dog but will get the chance to practice the techniques on dogs, meet like-minded dog owners and be sure you are confident in sharing the method.
This course is a part of the journey to becoming a Practitioner, providing everything you need to understand and begin to practice the method. It is also suitable for those wishing to understand and learn the techniques to use for their own dogs at home.


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