Canine Flow Online Course


Online Canine Flow Certificate: Transform your dogs behaviours and magnify your own success and happiness.
Learn Canine Flow at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.

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Your dog’s behaviours and your own personal growth are inseparably linked.
Your dog is actually your magical key to creating all the things you would like to see in your world, they are absolutely here with you for a reason.
This is a chance to work with your dog in a totally new way. A way that not only transforms your dog and your life, but contributes to the peace and empowerment of all animals and humanity.

Study Canine Flow at home, with full suppawt from Caroline and existing practitioners
Access to the library of resources, tools and course modules
Bonus Seminars from world thought leaders such as Dr Rupert Sheldrake and many natural dog care professionals.
Our theory, science and techniques included
Study at your own pace, sending taskwork back to Caroline by email or into the suppawt group for effortless, completely non-judgemental, feedback
Certificate of Achievement upon completion.

This course is designed for pet dog owners and professionals alike. It is a requirement for all those wishing to pawgress to full practitioner status. As a full practitioner you will be able to charge for consultations, run your own retreat day workshops and teach this pioneering, way of working with dogs, and owners*.

To see more of whats inside please download our course pdf, or watch our video here!

Once you have purchased the course Caroline will be in touch with you immediately to welcome you and set-up an initial online consultation to find out how the course can best serve you and what you are aiming for from taking part in it.

Your Course Creator, Canine Flow founder Caroline Griffith.
”Thank you for considering this course. I have developed Canine Flow from over 24 years experience in both dog behaviour training and animal energy therapist fields. Harnessing the power of energy techniques for behaviour as well as well-being.
The course offers a chance to learn a unique heart-based training method that balances a dogs emotions and energy flow, and those of you, the owner, too.
Empowering you both to feel happy, calm and fulfilled – to truly be in the Flow.
Your dog is a special being, guided to you for your growth and ascension. They have profound messages for humanity which are only truly heard when we move from mind-based techniques into our heart-space. For me this way of being with dogs is long over-due, I am blessed to share it with you and support you on your journey to making a difference to dogs and owners all over the world.”

*Following this Online Certificate you can continue to become a full Canine Flow Practitioner by undertaking case studies, and taking part in 2 of our Retreats where you get to enjoy a wonderful fulfilling break away with your dog, and impawtently the chance to immerse and practice the techniques on dogs, meet like-hearted dog owners and be sure you are confident in practicing and sharing the method.



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