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Mempawship to our exclusive education and support community



Live Seminars waiting for you:
(all our own exclusive training content recorded just for you)

Wolves & Dogs – Toni Shelbourne
Dogs that know when their owners are coming home – Dr Rupert Sheldrake
Natural Dog Grooming – Jane Cooper
How to make healthy raw cakes and chocolate fudge! – vegan, sugar, dairy free!
Canine Iridology – Catherine Edwards
The benefits of Fasting for dogs – Karen Clare
Zooenergetics – Michael Van Roon
Lessons in Creating your Reality – Yvonne Zackim
Using Glyphs to heal pets – Dr Jean Logan
Solving Leishmaniasis and dog 2 dog aggression – the links. ZsaZsa Daniel
Natural Home-made Flea and Tick recipes that Work! – Angie Roberts (CHC)
Aromagnosis with Rachel Windsor-Knott
Coping with Pet loss and Grief – Ferris Jay
Homeopathic products to protect pets from Vaccinosis – given prior to vaccines to protect your pet – with homeopath Zofit

plus more to come!
Monthly Seminars, discounts in natural dog stores and exclusive updates.
You can even suggest topics or give an interview yourself if you have a topic to share.
Discounts on raw dog food, essential oils for dogs, herbs for dogs, natural grooming products and much more as a Mempaw!

Here is the link to add yourself to this group – you will ONLY be confirmed once the purchase had gone through.
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