VacProtecta Single-Pet


Unique preparation to protect your pet from potential adverse vaccine reaction. Use before a vaccination to protect them in the best way.



Product Details : Single-pet protecta
Our products cover all the common brands of core-vaccine for dogs and the Rabies vaccine for both dogs and cats.
1ST STEP : Purchase your chosen size in this store.
2nd STEP : You will have access to download your form.
3rd STEP : Fill this in and return to me caroline @ canineflow .com

We will then send you out your chosen product.

When we have your form, then your payment we can send the product out.
We cannot send products or take payments without receiving your form.
This product is enough for 1 dog or cat. (for Multi-pet protecta see here)
You will receive instructions on how to best give this to you pet.
Product has a 6 month shelf life.

Price includes delivery.

Disclaimer Please note that each pets ability to cope with vaccination is different. This product offers a safe route to assistance but is not claimed to be a ‘cure-all’ product. If you suspect Vaccinosis you may need to see your vet. Our aim is to reduce the likelihood of Vaccine Reaction (Vaccinosis) occurring. It will not interfere with the vaccines efficiency.


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