Your chance to be part of our new Professional Canine Hypnotherapy Research Study and grab yourself a FREE Canine Hypnotherapy Audio for the behaviour of your choice!

Feedback on the PCH audios has been wonderful so far. Last year Snoop the handsome deaf Dalmatian made our blog headlines as despite being deaf he also transformed through the audios.

The power of intention is huge! We at Canine Flow want to put this FACT on the science map.
The more we can highlight the value of energy-based techniques the better for ALL therapies and therapists, and of course all the beautiful doglets too.
(and even other animals to be honest)

Would you help us to do this!!??


• Step 1 : You Sign-Up to be part of this special study
• Step 2 : We send you your choice of FREE Professional Hypnotherapy Audio*
• Step 3 : You play it to your dog
• Step 4 : You note changes or transpawmations in their behaviour, habits or wellbeing.
• Step 5 : You note if you also feel any different about life too!

• Step 6 : We collect all the feedback and give you our Results
• Step 7 : Dogs all over the world benefit from the study you took part in!
• Step 8 : All energy based Holistic/Natural techniques have another opportunity to shine!

*choice of General Relaxation and Firework Fears, Car Travel, Separation Anxiety or Recall.

The study has accepted all participants. We are now receiving and collating data and look forward to sharing our results.
Please do send your feedback if you have yet to do so.

It is possible to purchase the Professional Canine Hypnotherapy Audios that were part of this study
from our Shop page.

**Participants you will be added to our mailing list so we can keep in touch with you.

You may have landed on this page and be wondering;
Who is running this study?

We are Canine Flow – a unique truly heart-based dog training method.
We work with the wisdom and intelligence of the Heart, Sacred Geometric energy techniques and spiritual/holistic principles to; transform canine behaviours, enhance owners happiness & success in life, and ultimately aim to create peace for all of humanity and planet earth. All through the messages of equality and emotional energy flow that dog have for us. Messages we have missed, or misunderstood, for a long time.

We believe : Dogs are FEELING beings; we do not need dog psychology, mind-based concepts or neurological understanding to love and transform them.

Professional Canine Hypnotherapy is veterinary approved, safe and empowering. The audios are.mp3 formats, which is the universal download format that works on all devices.

We hope you will join the study and put the power of Intention further on the map.
Further info on who we are is included in this blog, and practitioner training info on our Retreats page.