A transformational space to unlock your creative magic to achieve all your dreams. Surrounded by happy wagging tails!

Our Retreats could be for you…

Stunning Locations

Certified Training in Energy Techniques

New techniques to enhance Well-Being & transform Behaviour

Optional participation in our Practitioner programme from attending this Retreat.

Relax and Grow, surrounded by happy waggy tails!

The only Retreats of this kind in the World



South West Wales, UK ~ £695

May 7th-11th 2018 – Fully booked
Sept 3rd-7th 2018 – 2 spaces left!
Contact me today to secure one of them.
£100 room-share discount applies


Boulder, Colarado, USA ~ $795

October 8th- 12th 2018 – Spaces available


Kyrenia, North Cyprus - £695 (sterling)

April 8th-12th 2019 – Spaces available
Connecting with dogs here (shelter & pet) and the sacred magic of this Atlantean island.

Breathe & Let Love In

Accommodation Included in UK & NC Retreats.

Our UK and NC Retreats include accommodation. If you have your dog, your dog stays with you in your room.

Retreats are for pet dog owners & students

Including a blend of pet owners and students ensures you & your dog have the maximum opportunity for change and growth

Food included on UK and NC Retreats.

All food and refreshments are included on the UK and North Cyprus Retreats. Always Vegan and Delicious.

What to expect

Bring a notebook, pen and an open mind.
Leave with greater health, happiness, connection and an expanded heart.

Your Dog

Dogs are always intergrated safely when attending these Retreats, with over 20 years experience with dogs and heart-felt intuition creating a safe space for all attending. Rest assured you and your dogs will have a an enjoyable time..

Accommodation Recommendations for US Retreats.

Our Denver venue is for retreat teaching only. We can supply a list of quality dog friendly accommodation nearby.

Retreats are for pet dog owners and students

Our US Retreats also include a seminar in Aromatherapy for dogs with Alicia Boemi from DIY Dog Mom.

Breakfast and Lunch included in US Retreats.

We provide a nutritious vegan lunch, continental breakfast and refreshments throughout the day on US Retreats.

What to expect.

Watch behaviours change and understandings upgrade.
Our Retreat magic always follows you home!

Your Dog

All dogs welcome. Attendees are usually amazed at how calm and happy dogs feel, and thus act, on this kind of Retreat. 

Connect with the magic

I’m Ready!

I am ready to commit to my dreams, to invest in myself and my dog,
to take our life to new levels…

More about attending Retreats to
become a Practitioner…

Our Practitioners course programme requires and includes: 
Attendance of 3 week long Retreats as course modules,
Completion of case studies and the set up of your own RelaxDog™ classes.
The course has been created with student investment return in mind. The investment can be returned swiftly from classes, consults and sharing the work.

You can easily have a career doing a job you love! – Use only Canine Flow or include the Canine Flow work within your current training practice or consultations with dogs and owners.

Includes: Canine emotional awareness, Behavioural motivations, Transforming limiting beliefs, Meditation for changing behaviours, Trauma and memory in dogs, Canine emotional expression, the role of nutrition in emotions and behaviours.
You will learn and become certified in all our Canine Flow techniques, including Professional Canine Hypnotherapy, Spiral Energy Technique, Give n Take training technique and Aroma-Flow. Optional Business Marketing and further study is available once you are on the programme.
Download the Practitioner Training Information Guide here.

To take part in the Practitioners programme simply book on a Retreat and we will go from there – you can let me know that you are keen to continue to become a practitioner after or before your first Retreat.
An online version which counts as 1 Retreat module is also available in our Shop.


Don’t take my word for it, hear from those who’ve been there…
I wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful week that Luna and I had last week, It was transformational for me in many ways. I formed an even closer bond with my beloved dachshund which means the absolute world to me!
But also on a more personal level, I feel that it has done me an incredible amount of good in terms of health. As I mentioned to you I had become increasingly aware of reliance on sugar and the negative consequences it was having on my body. It sounds really silly but was scared to change my habits as they had become extremely ingrained into my routine and daily life. Since returning from the retreat however, I have completely changed all my eating habits. Gone are the days of sugary breakfast cereal at almost every meal and in its place, healthy vegan/vegetarian alternatives.
Through a combination of this and daily meditation I feel incredible already and long may it continue.
I can tell there has been a deep and fundamental change in my body chemistry which will have long term positive effects on my life and my health. Lots of love, - Stella

Caroline is great at what she does. The retreat changed our lives to the point that tonight I have two very tired dogs from playing off the lead on all their walks and with other dogs, Something I wouldn’t have thought possible.
All thanks to Caroline who made me trust and believe in our two amazing rescue dogs.” - Jorja Le-Gallienne

I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely retreat last week. As you know I was a little anxious about what to expect and if Indi would behave but I can honestly say by Tuesday I felt really ‘at home’.
I feel both Indi and I learnt a lot  both about ourselves but also about each other and our relationship is definitely stronger as a result. The whole concept of energy and Indi needing to ground just made such sense!
- Alison Bradshaw

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dog food included?
You will bring the food that your dog is settled eating. We have freezers for raw dog food available at the venue.
What times do the Retreats begin and end?
This depends on each Retreats location. Typically they start at 1pm in Wales and 10am – 5pm elsewhere.
They all finish at 12noon on the final day.
You are asked to stay until 12noon on the final day to fully benefit from the experience.
How do I book?
Simply contact me to let me know you would like to come along to any one of the Retreats and I will send you a booking form. 🐾
What is the £100 room-share discount?

This applies to UK Retreats. If you book with and share with a friend. The sharing rooms are big. They are meant for 4 people, so plenty of space for dogs to feel safe. 🐾

Can I bring 2 dogs?
You can. Many people do. Be aware you may find this makes some of the Retreat less practical. Only one dog can be worked with during energy sessions, the other would have to be watching, or be somewhere else – which may not be so nice for them. Attendees do get more from a Retreat with only one dog to think about, watch and care for during the Retreat.
But two is not impossible!
Do you have an example schedule?
We never do a set schedule as we prefer to work on what presents itself during the Retreat, no one Retreat is ever quite the same as each is tailor made for the people attending to gain the maximum from the experience.
However we do meditate twice a day; morning and late afternoon, we tend to have lectures in the mornings and activities or free time in the afternoons.
Evenings can be for spiritually inspired films, chatting abouts dogs or your own free time.
Where exactly is the venue?
We only send full venue details once you are fully booked on the Retreats.
The nearest train stations are Carmarthen UK and Denver US.
Is all food and drink included?

Absolutely. We provide delicious vegan breakfast, lunch and evening meals*. Snacks also available (if you have any room left!). No alcohol on the Retreats, for the dogs safety too. Our chef is a professional retreat chef. Please share any allergies or intolerances on your booking form.
*Breakfast & Lunch only for USA Retreat, as you will not be at our venue at evening meal times.