You may have seen the posts on social media or read something elsewhere about the potential threat to our current and future Holistic vets.
Following from my blog post about How to find a Holistic Vet this post will hopefully bring some clarity to the recent situation and offer ways to support them if this is something you might like to do.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has recently published a statement that essentially says they offer very little, if any and potentially No support to vets practicing CAM, which is complementary and alternative veterinary medicine, if they should find themselves under legal scrutiny. For instance, if a member of the public of another Vet wanted to sue them or have them investigated for malpractice.
This means they are much more likely to lose their credentials and the right to practice as a vet.
Traditional (Allopathic) vets could of course also have this happen to them, but because they can plead to have used medicines that were ‘scientifically proven’ their cases are far less likely to impact them in the same way.

Before this statement was released one CAM vet had already experienced the force of the RCVS legally questioning their competency to practice. Their case was won (as such), but not without a very stressful experience and legal battle.
Before that legal battle and the recent statement a CAM vet was on the Council that issued the statement, they have recently chosen to leave which opened the door for a majority agreeing to such a statement.

The statement could of course affect all practitioners of Complementary therapies for animals as if all CAM is labelled by the RCVS as unscientific then allopathic vets who refer could be at risk too. As most practitioners rely on veterinary referrals and they could dry up a bit more than they already are at if this heads further on.

So, at the root of the issue is that the current Veterinary Act asks for referrals in terms of Behaviour and Training, Chiropractic treatment and what they call Faith Healing, which is where most energy techniques and therapies fall under for referrals.
Perhaps what will come of this is a big opportunity! An opportunity that sees a support base being created for CAM in a way that has never been done before, there are so many people of influence waking up now that collaboration and a new way of doing things has to be an option now.

Until this kind of organisation has been set-up or it has been established exactly what needs to change about the Vet Act, all we can do as average pet owners is:

Take part in the campaign :
Sign the Petition:
Attend one of the Rally’s being organised to show our support for CAM for animals, our local holistic vet and our ability to have choice in the care of our pets!
A list of these will be sent out ( to you by me) once they are established. Keep your eyes peeled!
& finally,
Support the Postcard campaign :
During December I am donating £1 from each sale of my recently published book Imperfectly Natural Canine to CHC’s campaign to support CAM vets and have this statement reviewed.
They cannot do this without the support of pet owners who value Holistic and Natural choices for their pets.
Purchase it here to ensure £1 goes to the campaign:

Now more than ever we need to be educating ourselves on the best approaches to dog-care and natural options, ultimately we are the first port of call for our pets!
If you still don’t feel as knowledgeable as you would like to on those subjects then do consider reading my book, it is written with exactly that in mind. Knowledge for you to do the best for your dog before any type of vet is needed! We have to primarily empower ourselves, and our neighbours. By all means buy a copy for a fellow dog owner and start their knowledge process too.