The thing about boundaries is that they create separation.

For me personally with my dog, and if you use Canine Flow, dog ownership is about unity, togetherness and connection. When we strengthen those things the need to enforce or create boundaries is hugely reduced, and often not needed at all.

You see if you are in a place of fear at any level (feeling apprehension, overwhelmed or generally just fed-up) and so are seeing another creature as doing something ‘to you’ or ‘not listening to you’ the easiest way to shift this is to be different yourself.

By connecting rather than separating.

Have you noticed that some people just seem to be really good at creating boundaries, or what is seen as a boundary, in their relationships, and with their dogs?

Those people are actually really good at communication!

They may still unknowingly label what they are doing as creating boundaries but, they are communicating more effectively.

If you feel that your dog needs boundaries then initially you need to be considering the whole picture of both your relationship with your dog, the environment you are both in and your own level of anxiety, fears, time spent in blame or time spent feeling any level of victimless to aspects of life. Realisations from those considerations are what you let go of to create connection and communication.

It can also be very easy to simply we can shift the word ‘boundaries’ for the word ‘communication’ and not actually make any changes, we label ourselves a communicating and we still get what we want!

But for many people, and in true heart to heart connection, the word is everything because the word is a subtle indication and strengthening of a feeling.

When you change the word in your mental sentencing from: ‘’I need to create a boundary over this’’ to: ‘’I need to create a connection and communicate over this’’ instantly the body feels different,

Then every cell in your body benefits from this subtle but valuable change.

It also puts your dog back in the frame as a being of love, that simply needs you to understand them rather than judge them or feel any kind of victim around them.

As the creature with the biggest heart per body mass of any animal your dog knows instantly when you shift your thinking and feeling to a place of love and unity – to the feeling closer to peace, and they know instantly when you put up the heart wall, or the feeling barrier of a Boundary.

‘’When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.’’

You don’t have to be an ace animal communicator or even remotely ‘psychic’ to connect with your animal in this way either. When you shift your feelings about what your dog does you will also shift their behaviour.

I know it sounds too simple! This work amazes us as well, and believe me this is way more than simply ignoring or doing nothing – being the Change is a big step! It’s a huge thing to learn how to do.

But ultimately you are worth it. You are not simply changing how you feel and think about your dog’s behaviours for your dog, you are doing it for you.
You deserve peace too.

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