Find your Flow

Reach your multi-dimensional potential, together

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How can I assist you?


Lets connect online and transform your dog’s behaviour, improve their wellbeing and raise the vibration & flow in your life too!
Readings could be on Skype, Zoom or even FB Messenger.
They can include: channelling from the Sacred Canine Heart, Nutrition, Behaviour, Natural Dog Care and Energy Attunements.


Experience the ultimate
holiday retreat with your dog.

A unique oppawtunity to connect, discover & grow spiritually with your best friend by your side.
Learn transformational practices for behaviour and wellbeing. Achieve abundance in your own creativity, success and happiness.


  A chance to understand, and Be with your dog in our totally new, yet ancient wisdom packed, way.
Mentorship throughout to suppawt you and your dog to transform to your highest pawtentials and
experience multi-dimensional connection. The course is a journey, true learning & a connection to your dogs true desires.

This Changed My Dog…

Neighbours have commented on how Charlie seems more relaxed after his Retreat holiday and how he is more willing to say hello to people. Before he would growl or snap at some people, but now he’s more confident and relaxed he seems to ‘know’ he can simply walk away. – Namaste, Annabel

I would like to say that your knowledge is exceptional and this shows in your teaching.
You certainly gave us something to consider when feeding our pets!” - Abby, Berks College Tutor

“Massive thanks to Caroline for working miracles with Koko (and me!). Seriously this woman is amazing!
If you want any info about her, let me know’” - Sonja Turner