Abundance Mentorship

✨Abundance Mentorship ✨

Launched on the 8/8 Lions Gate portal
(Pawtal for us dog owners).
This is powerful, transformational service for pet dog owners OR owners of passion-led businesses in the natural dog care sector.

Unique specialisms of the service:

The unconditional suppawt of abundance light codes embedded into this mentorship service at its ‘birth’ – these will energetically elevate you, your dog and your business to the next level!

Access to the wisdom, messages and healings of the Sacred Canine Heart throughout your Mentorship

Suppawt to be the best version of YOU, you can be! As a dog owner, dog business owner or service provider for dogs and other owners.

Free Access to our annual PAWTENTIAL CONFERENCE UK with top industry speakers, powerful upgrades of sacred geometric light, ascension and money energy codes – on top of a whole heap of FUN! 

A Community FB Group, connect with like-hearted individuals and their gorgeous dogs.
Where theres a community, there is always so much suppawt and assistance.

The 2 aspects of Abundance creation we will focus on in the mentorship;

The Doing bit… and the Being bit!

Ooh the temptation of the Doing! I have been a complete sucker for the Doing over being in my past. I now understand and will share what it takes to balance these aspects of your life for maximum results and happiness.

Doingy bits: Insights, advice and guidance on your what you want next, moving forward in life, the law of attraction in multi-dimension terms, nutritional therapy.
Plus, if in business too – PR, marketing, creating products or strengthening a business you may already have. Website reviews, ideas inspiration and clarity on your brands messages. (I have been an natural pet care industry professional for well over 15 years now)

Beingy bits: Moving from the head to the heart. Staying connected to who you truly are and what really matters to you. How to notice and accept resistance for ultimate change. Meditations, Techniques to connect to your galactic assistance and individual light being guides. Getting in the Flow. Holding more Light in your cells and life situations.
RECEIVING as much as you Give!

We (Foosa, my Guides and me) believe in Transformation and focused belief over too much Information!
Ultimately You are your creations, life and business. Your level of Abundance is related to your level of heart-based energy FLOW.

Are you ready for Abundance to come into your life?
If you are, lets chat asap! and see if we could work together to create this for you, your dog and all those your serve… 💎🌍🐾🐬💖🧝🏼‍♂️

**Exclusive Pawrogramme Launch Rates**

Sept-Dec 2019 at a Lions Gate Launch Rate Mentorship:
£795 Mentorship with Online Course
£395 Simply Mentorship
4 months of Creation with me by your side!
One 2 One online calls every 2 weeks, Plans Personalised Strategies, Group Meditations and DNA Light code upgrades.
Additional access to and suppawt through our online course, if you wish to take that too, (recommended).

Contact Me today to apply for this radiant oppawtunity!