The Dog Days of Summer – Celestial Pawtal Opening –

No doubt we are all, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere, noticing, and for the most part enjoying, the summer as it approaches.
Canine related blogs are awash with reminders about dogs in cars, paw-pads on hot pavements and all manner of concerns, however this blog highlights something just as impawtant, just slightly different.

Astrologically the dog days of summer are an impawtant stage in our personal/pawsenal development, and our path to abundance, freedom and happiness.
Even more so this year (2019) as planet Mercury’s energies coincide with the Sirius Heliacal Rising that these upcoming dog days of summer lead up to.

In my previous blog I highlighted to impawtance of Sirius in our lives with the divine canid begins we share our lives with. As knowledge of this aspect of our relationship with dogs grows in understanding as does the intensity of the astrological synchronicities, and the alignment with humanities ascension outside of the spiritual aspects of dog ownership.

The date of the beginning of this time period, a portal in time where certain frequencies are more available to us to integrate and bring down to planet Earth to create change is usually between 5-7 th July, when Sirius is conjunction with our Sun. This year it occurred at exactly 3.33am Pacific time, on the 6th. ( 33 being a well know numerical figure in humanities true origins and ascension path)
It is no accident that Americas July 4 th Independence day falls around this time, on the day Sirius is considered to begin to conjunct with our Sun before the exact alignment occurs.
It is also a period in time known For the flood of the Nile in ancient Egypt, whose calendar is actually based around the rising of Sirius. Both the (largely untold) history of the USA and Ancient Egypt are both related to Orion and Sirius, in their respective ways.

The Pawtal will continue until the helical rising of Sirius, which in 2019 is predicted to be August 14 th. The Pawtal also contains the 8/8 Lionsgate energies, which intensify light codes and growth. (look out for more about those here in August)
The heliacal rising is when Sirius rises in the morning before the sun, allowing for it to be seen brightly in the sky just before sunrise.
The rise is both an astrological event as well as a pivotal rising of spiritual energy as within this time period the sun is further from us, allowing the frequencies of Sirius, our grand central sun* a greater oppawtunity to reach planet earth, and us here on it.
Mercury us also in its transition out of a 6 week retrograde at the time of the rising, and in retrograde during this pawtal time. During a retrograde emotions and sensitivities are heightened, reconnections with our past occur and we often find lost things, or forgotten parts of ourselves. As the rising occurs and Mercury moves out of retrograde we will experience more pawtential to logicise and make sense of events during the current retrograde and pawtal opening.
At that time you will be able to draw on the strength of the Sirius codes to allow you to benefit from rather than remain confused by the feelings that arose. By doing so you embody and contribute the Sirius codes to benefit 3D planet Earth.
Our task is to remain open and in acceptance throughout the pawtal time period.

Mainstream definitions of the dog days of summer, and the intensity of the heat at this time share that the tilt of the planet allow for more sun to reach us, and remind us that on the opposite side, the Southern Hemisphere it is Winter. However, this enhancement of Sirius in the Southern Hemispheres winter sky is equally referenced to the advancement of man’s spiritual ascension. Ancient Polynesians used the extra bright star for navigation journeys throughout the Pacific Ocean. Creation of many of our most treasured sacred spaces relate to these Pacific navigations including Easter island, Hawaii and the underwater lost cities off the coast of Japan.

Whilst by day you are splashing a paddling pawl for your dogs this summer, make sure you take a chance to look up to the sky and thank Sirius for its suppawt in your life, your ability to choose happiness and your life purpose.
For those feeling overwhelmed by the energies it can be even more impawtant to ground at these times, even if you do not walk your dog take time to be near trees, have your feet on a grounding earth or beach, and also nourish your body with water.
Connection to your spirit is vital at all times and even more so as humanity is able to connect with the strong ascension knowledge and heart intelligence held within Sirius. Its almost as if our dogs are given a little ‘time-off’ from duty during this period, while their star system shines so brightly for us instead.

* (its Sirius that gravitationally promotes our sun on its orbit, as mentioned in the previous blog)