Here is how I can help you…

I assist dog owners from all over the world to solve their dogs behaviour problems and transform their own abundance & creativity blocks to get back into the Flow.
You can book a Consultation with myself online (I call these Readings) or a in-person consult with myself or one of our qualified Practitioners, there may even be a student looking for case studies in your area too.
You are also welcome to download one of my audios for instant suppawt, and look out for workshop or events you an attend with your dog. These are listed on my social media pages.


Your Options

One to One Readings (online consultation with myself)

You choose a time and online platform that suits you* and we will connect online and use the different techniques within Canine Flow.
We can include discuss nutrition, meditation, hypnotherapy session, behaviour transformation and of course your reading and energy upgrade from the Sacred Canine Heart.

The length will depend on what you and your dog needs at that time to make transformations. It can be up to an hour or more. I work intuitively and can work with any issue.
I have over 30 years experience as both a behaviour trainer and animal energy therapist, (including nutritional therapy).

This is real chance to really get to the root of what is happening for your and your dog and make some true shifts.
These consults work, even online! I do not need to see a behaviour to change it. I work with the dog themselves energetically, & your own energy.

£70 initial reading, healing & consultation, follow-up & after-support   Book Here 
*We can use Skype, Zoom or even FB Video Messenger

In-person Consultation with a Practitioner

Pawhaps you and your dog need a little more guidance in-person.

There are many wonderful Canine Flow practitioners and students up and down the UK, as well as several other countries including; Croatia, Switzerland, Australia, Canada and several states of the USA. 

Please do contact me if you would like to connect with somebody in a country other than UK.
I have included the current UK Practitioner and Student list for you, they are pleased to be of service to you and your dog.
Download the UK Practitioner and Student list here

Need Instant Help?

*Need Instant, downloadable help?* While you wait to connect with me please choose from one of my Professional Canine Hypnotherapy Audios and play this to your dog. These are fully safe, veterinary approved and will calm and sooth behaviours. Barking / Sep’ Anx’ / Car Travel / Fireworks / Recall   Find them all here

Stewie had a special lady work with him today – Caroline Spiritualdogtrainer. She transformed him from his usual high energy, reactive self to a state of total unrestrained relaxation. This might not appear very sensational to anyone who doesn’t know this dog, but Stewie is fear aggressive and normally scared of everyone. In the 8 wks he’s been with me, no one but myself has got near him, I’ve never seen him close his eyes, Ive only ever seen him lying. down!

- Janice Bannister

I am so pleased and wonderfully blessed to see the transformation between owners and their dogs. It wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t been introduced to Caroline, thank you universe- Claire B, (Now a Practitioner too!)

Loving this! I nearly fell asleep myself this afternoon when doing the Canine Flow spirals on Missy. She definitely seems better so far, quieter, calmer, more responsive and way less manic where food is concerned!” - Jules and Missy Mountain dog

Hi Caroline I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your session. My mum told me she could see difference in my cat the same day. Dafinka had to go on a 2 hour long car journey this week and she was much calmer than usual and settled in to her holiday home very quickly. She normally spends a day under a bed whenever she travels. And to think I thought she was a lost case!”

- Lenka, and Dafinka