Edible CBD for dogs


CBD ~ Hemp Plant and Coconut oil mix for dogs.
Organic, Edible, Tasty, Superior absorption to tinctures.

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Available in 2 sizes by clicking through the link to purchase. Free Delivery.
Easy to serve CBD Hemp for dogs mixed with Coconut oil to ensure the fats needed to transport, absorb and utilise the CBD are available to the dogs body too.
Without the correct fatty acids present CBD is less absorbed and useful to your dog, this product helps ensure they are available.

~ Organic Hemp Flowers mix with Coconut Oil
~ 3rd Party Tested
~ Full spectrum Cannabinoids

150g – £24.99 (pouch contains approximately 120 teaspoons)  (60 days large breed starting dose)
300g – £44.99 (pouch contains approximately 240 teaspoons)

Prices include FREE delivery for EU customers (3-5 days EU, 5-7 days USA/Canada)

CBD is helpful for : Anxiety, Arthritis, Seizures, Inflammation, Pain, Digestive Issues, Boosting the Immune System, General wellbeing balance.

“I have searched for a great CBD product for Foosa and to share for your dog for a while.
This is totally pawsome! Ticks all the digestion, absorption and cellular utilisation standards I have learnt in my years studying canine nutrition.”


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