One of things that has amazed me over the course of my spiritual journey is just how much Science IS actually available highlighting the Why’s and How’s of various therapies, energy techniques and even mind-over-matter physical healing.

The world view of energy work is changing. Although I agree there can still be skeptism I can also see that the tide of people simply getting on with their purpose and sharing their spiritual holistic message is just as strong. Those that share their message are also the very ones finding truths, creating experiences and impacting the ability for us all to ‘prove’ something in this field!
Without data and personal experiences of clients and practitioners there would be no science. Ultimately we need to simply do the work  – the results and the science will then come afterwards.

These are my top 10 concepts to remember if you find yourself wishing you could prove something works, as a spiritual or holistic practitioner.

1# All science – even the double blind tested kind, is always still subjective. ( see additional Adam Apollo blog post below) in other words its either created or viewed from the ‘results wanted to be seen’ point of view.

2# What is considered normal in countries or cultures such as the highly Buddhist Sri Lanka can easily be labelled weird in other cultures where the practices are not as common… often proving something is simply about what is considered usual in the country you practice in.

3# The need to prove something comes from a Fear. Often a lack of self worth or self belief. Remember : ”You Are Already Good Enough, You Do Not Need To Prove It To Anyone”
The simplest way to understand if you are ‘getting something right’ is to practice trusting your intuition, your ‘gut feelings’ and using a good dose of common sense!
Notice if you are using ‘needing proof’ as a diversion to getting on with your purpose. ( that big scary purpose you really want to just do… 🙂 )

4# Abundance is available for all of us! You do not need trials or data to attract clients. You need to FEEL awesome about it, SMILE lots when discussing it, SHARE stories, be ENTHUSIASTIC… (and all those other high vibe things you may have been finding hard to get to grips with 😉 )

5#The collective change created by our feelings and sharing is what will make the difference – trying to change somebodies point of view – especially if they are educated and experienced in a totally different world is not our path. We are all part of the collective, if the collective changes even those super far the ‘other way’ will understand and view spiritual or holistic concepts with less fear soon enough!

6# When you live your purpose proving isn’t needed because ultimately: It Is Not About You.

7# Organisations such as The Institute of Heart Math have proven many Energy medicine based things medics may not know yet.
People in the medical field are very unlikely to have this published data put in front of them. Either simply through lack of time to read journals – have you noticed how Busy these people are! (They often rarely get time off let alone to check random journals for published data.)

8# Same applies for the public, unless its get printed in national newspapers (which to be fair does sometimes happen) the ‘masses’ can not be expected to know.
It is our expectation that needs to change here, before anybody else does.
People only know what they know and only ever want what they feel keeps them Safe.

9# Check out this wonderful talk: Dr James Oschman :
and Check out this wonderful talk: Dr Rupert Sheldrake

10# If you are someone who finds it fun to find studies then you will love all the information on the link below – a whole album that highlights studies, data, theories on energy flow techniques in the body. 🙂 Do SHARE the folder in abundance!  Click here for the Science Behind Energy Techniques Collected Together In One Place! .. and it will be added too – if you know any, send it over 🙂

#extra one for creation: Drs already BELIEVE in the Placebo – Placebo IS mind over matter. It IS emotional energy medicine.

With gratitude and enthusiasm (of course)
and Foosa, because our dogs never need to prove anything! #pure heart love xxx

Adam Apollo’s words…
What is “hard-science?”
It’s the practical investigation of phenomena using the scientific method. You attempt an experiment, you document the results, test it again, and if there is consistency, you ask other people to test it as well. If many people confirm the results, the experiment is validated and a theory forms to explain it. Sometimes a theory emerges first, and experiments are concocted to test the theory.

In either case, there is one problem with the generally accepted process of this investigation, which many philosophers, psychologists, and even physicists have acknowledged:
The results of every experiment, and their interpretation, are fundamentally subjective. 
While we may claim a theory and experiment to be “objectively proven,” we actually mean that it has been “subjectively experienced” by multiple people.

What is fascinating about this is that every metaphysical, magical, or spiritual tradition on the Planet is based on this same framework. There is a certain “practice,” like an experiment done with yourself, which will create a certain outcome or experience. If this process is validated by many people, the practice becomes standard and the experience well known. The theory around it, explaining why one may have a certain experience from doing a certain practice, may evolve over time.

We are in a beautiful, and critical moment in our human journey. For the first time, mathematical and scientific exploration of phenomena in physics is realigning with the “esoteric” phenomena discussed by spiritual and metaphysical traditions for millennia. From wormhole networks in spacetime, to quantum superposition states, to the energy of quantum vacuum fluctuations, to the geometry of spacetime itself revealed through quantum gravity, we are entering a new Renaissance A Sacred Knowledge Database, exploring advanced technology projects, theoretical physics and metaphysics research.