I am very excited to share with you all that my popular Spiritual Retreat for dogs and their humans is to be hosted in America once again!
This time to ensure some gorgeous sunshine, stunning mountain views and superior venue the Retreat will be held in the state of North Carolina, in the Grandfather National Park.
Healing energies of the Grandfather creator are clearly shining through this time to suppawt us on our journeys on Earth.

Certified training in the empowering energy techniques of Canine Flow

Unique teachings to transform your dog’s behaviour & well-being

Inspirational guidance to create the abundance & happiness you deserve

Meet like-hearted people, and their beautiful dogs

Relax and Grow, surrounded by happy, waggy tails and beautiful healing light-codes

Now in our 12th year, & still the only Retreats of this kind in the World.

Retreat activities include empowering alignment meditations twice a day.
Learn how to utilise meditation and professional canine hypnotherapy to transform your dog’s behaviours and align yourself to your own pawtential too.

We will all walk our dogs in the gorgeous surrounding countryside, absorbing the energies of nature, chatting and observing our dogs from our new soul and spiritual viewpoint.
The venue is close to a beautiful national park, safe for dog walking and even off-leash running for the full enjoyment of your dog too.

You will learn aspects of our Canine Flow techniques and be able to practice using them with your own dog and or the dogs of friends you make too. You and your dog will receive truly wonderful energy and alignment upgrades simply by being with us on the Retreat itself.

Your Retreat Facilitator Caroline will share with you how to view your dog and their behaviours from a spiritual perspective (pawspective).
How to recognise your dog’s individual soul gifts, lessons and their purpose with you.

Discover the truth behind canine behaviour motivation, how to live fully from your heart with your dog, unique ways to change any limiting beliefs, release trauma memory in dogs, canine emotional expression, the role of nutrition in behaviour and usually much more!

Each Retreat has so far always been guided for the dogs and owners attending, providing exactly what you need individually rather than following a set schedule.
Although we do Meditate twice daily and tend to include learning aspects in the mornings.

This Retreat also counts as part of the Canine Flow Practitioner Certification. I advise taking the Online Course before attending if this is your final Practitioner Retreat.

Photos of the venue can be found here, in an FB album about the Retreat.

The Date is Oct 12th-18th (Mon 1pm -Fri 4pm)  
Retreat Course Price $795

An Accommodation options list can be provided on request, you may also prefer to find your own through Air BnB too.

We will provide lunches on the Tues-Fri.
(Vegan and Gluten Free catered for.)

There are only 10 slots on the Retreat, some are being claimed by previous attendees, do let me know at the first oppawtunity if you and your dog would like to be part of this fantastic Retreat.
Payment plans available.

With Gratitude & Pawssibilities
Caroline 💖

Download a Booking Form for the USA Retreat Here!